BSS burn through stop

  • BSS-Stumpen_Maennchen_kl
    abgebrannter BSS-Stumpen
    • Heat damage to the surface under the candle prevented
    • No loss in burning time
    • Candle completely burnt down

  • We create Added Value

    Brand-Schutz-System LogoOur BSS burn through stop for pillar candles is effective and sustainable at the same time: an aluminium disk in the bottom of the candle stops the floral arrangement or material, like a tablecloth, under the candle from catching fire. When the candle has burnt done completely, the wick falls onto the aluminium disk and is extinguished in the liquid wax.

    No reduction in burning time

    The special feature of this system is that the pillar candle can burn down almost completely – this is worth mentioning, as in comparison to other systems, this gives a significantly longer burning time for a candle of the same size.

    But that’s not all. The candles can be used as usual: attach the candle with wire or glue or simply place it on a solid surface – you can do all of this with BSS pillar candles. Our burn through stop is listed as a European patent and registered as a global patent.