Locations & Key Figures

  • Our locations

    Gebr. Müller Kerzenfabrik AG is the most important and oldest manufacturer of quality candles in Europe. Founded in 1744, Gebr. Müller Kerzenfabrik AG has now been a family-owned company for eight generations. From that small workshop, over 270 years ago, we have now developed into an international company, which today employs over 900 people and produces over 5 million lights and candles per day.

  • Straelen in the Lower Rhine Region

    Since 1948, our parent plant has been on the left bank of the Lower Rhine, close to the Dutch border at Venlo. In 1962, the first buildings were constructed and put into operation at our current site. Here, we employ approx. 125 people in the manufacturing of tea and memory lights, tapered candles and BSS pillar candles.

  • Grudziądz, Poland

    Since 1988 we have been manufacturing in Grudziądz, on the Vistula river. Today, the majority of our candle production takes place here, on a surface of 80,000 m², with tea and maxi lights, glass filling, BSS pillar candles and POLAR candles. Approx. 730 employees work here around the clock on shift patterns.

    photo of our production plant in Grudziądz
  • Taicang / China

    In 2000, our production facility in Taicang was constructed. On the 25,000m² large area in the Jiangsu province, in the east of China, approx 120 people are employed in the production of labour-intensive products. This includes priority seasonal goods and expensive candle finishings.

    Produktionsstätte in China

 Some facts

  • 900+
  • 3514
    items in total
  • 120000
    square metres
    of company grounds
  • 42000
    Euro-Pallet spaces
  • 16
    years membership of RAL
  • 35
    countries to which we export
  • 5,5+ Mio.
    million candles
    and lights per day
  • 270
    years of tradition
  • Successful Together

    Together with our business partners, we are developing suitable concepts and solutions with regards to our range and activities. For the seasonal highlights, our marketing team is always finding creative, new ideas.