Raw materials

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    Development in one of the most modern lab for candle research.

    Quality and safety are of great importance for us. And that is why we only process high quality raw materials and monitor the burn behaviour and drip resistance of our candles throughout the whole manufacturing process. In accordance with RAL standards and our own, even stricter guidelines. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality in our products.

    We are convinced that constant research and development is an important factor in the long-term success of our company. For this reason, we have built the most modern lab for candle research in Europe. Here, we develop new ways to produce candles and work to increase the efficiency and environmental friendliness of our products and packaging. At the same time, we aim for high levels of supply security through alternative raw material parts.

  • Sustainability

    Our commitment to sustainability is not new and is certainly not just a marketing tool. Our company would not have reached the age it is today if our actions had not been shaped by sustainability. Recently, the term sustainability has been discussed in our industry when it comes to researching new fuels (carbon compounds).

    In recent decades, the most frequently used fuel was paraffin. Paraffin is a by-product of oil and is created in the production of lubricants (engine oils). However, as these engine oils are now increasingly produced synthetically, paraffin is becoming extremely scarce and is also not renewable. Therefore, sustainable carbon compounds are currently increasingly being used as fuel. As well as animal and vegetable fats, this also includes palm oil.

    To ensure that the palm oil, which we partly process, is also grown ‘sustainably’ according to certified standards, we were one of the first candle companies in the world to join the RSPO (www.RSPO.org) and have been a member since 2010. As an active member, we help to shape the development of standards which, amongst other things, also mean that areas under cultivation are no longer savagely cleared and there are minimum social standards which must be complied with during cultivation.

    Our statement of energy: Benefits of energy saving

    Many years ago we have started to increase the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and energy efficiency in the production of our products. We are aware of the benefits and necessity of responsible use of our resources. Therefore, we do our best to identify potential savings and improve energy use steadily and sustainably. Our energy-saving strategy is supported by top management.


    We are driven by innovation and the desire for continuous improvement. Our production sites are the first globally in the candle industry to be certified according to the RSPO Supply Chain Standard (since 2012). For years now, we have primarily only handled palm oil if it has been certified (Book & Claim). From 2014, we will use fully RSPO segregated palm oil. In doing so, we are underlining our claim to be taking a leading role in sustainable candle production.


    We were one of the first manufacturers to receive the Palm Certification in 2013. This allows us to combine forward-looking technology with traditional manufacturing processes and take a step towards independence from fossil fuels through the use of alternative raw material parts.

    Furthermore, as a result of EU measures as part of the REACH Regulation, we have registered the raw materials paraffin and palm wax used in our production with the relevant authorities in Helsinki, the ECHA.

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