Spring / Summer

  • Colourful clear cups

    Charming clear cups in strong, summer colours for inside and outside use. As table decorations or balcony lights on still evenings, the clear cups radiate summer freshness and happiness.

  • 2016

    Sun out, balcony time!

    It’s nearly time for spring – with lots of great new items! We will show you how to make those lazy summer evenings even lovelier. The complete range and much more information can be found in our new catalogue, which we would be happy to send you. Give us a call!

  • High Quality Glasses

    2013_sommer_350_01Elegant lights for interior use: chic aluminium cover with stamped logo, ideal as a present! Available in various colours and with scent.

  • Solid-coloured Polar Candles


    Our POLAR range is of course at its very best in summer. Fresh colours like Olive Green and Earth match the latest fabrics and decorations.

  • Wind lights

    for patios and balconies make every evening more beautiful: strong, heavy glass filled with wax and a coordinated wick, which doesn’t let the flame blacken from soot even when there is a breeze.

  • 2013_sommer_720x200_01

  • Details

    We have collected some details for you. To show the candles in our current range to their best, it really doesn’t take much – often a pretty plate or bowl will do as a surface.