• Spitzkerzen

    Tapered Candles

    A classic for candlesticks and festive tables. 11 colours and various pack sizes.

  • BSS-Stumpenkerzen

    BSS Pillars

    In 11 modern colours and 10 sizes. Our Burn through stop BSS  is included as standard.

  • Grablichte

    Memory Lights

    In red and transparent, with and without cover and also as composition oil lights. Refillable memory glasses.

  • Teelichte

    Tea lights

    Tea and maxi lights in bag or flat pack. In many pack sizes and with 6 or 8 hours burning time. Maxi lights in 60mm diameter.

  • Details

    We have collected some details for you. To show the candles in our current range to their best, it really doesn’t take much – often a pretty plate or bowl will do as a surface.