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    New member of FONAP

    Logo_FONAP_Palme_lrWe are now a member of the FONAP, the Forum Sustainable Palm Oil, a consortium of companies, associations and non-governmental organizations to work together viable solutions for improving practices in the palm oil sector.

    The aim of the “Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil” is to increase the proportion of segregated certified palm oil and palm kernel oil or corresponding derivatives in the German, Austrian and Swiss market significantly and make as quickly as possible 100% segregated certified palm oil and palm kernel oil available for these markets.

  • Palm Certification

    RSPO Zertifikat 1106136

    Since 2010, we have been a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). Since 2013, our largest production facility hacs been certified as “segregated” according to strict criteria. We are the first candle manufacturer in the world to hold this certification.

    In the Segregated palm oil trading model, oil from certified plantations is separated of conventional oil. Every transaction with RSPO-certified palm oil is tracked on the UTZ Certified network by the end of the refining. Thereby the origin of palm oil can be traced back to the certified plantations. After the refinery, the separate product stream is then verified by an independent certification.

    This allows us to combine forward-looking technology with traditional manufacturing processes and take a step towards independence from fossil fuels through the use of alternative raw material parts.

    European Rules according to REACH

    As a result of EU measures as part of the REACH Regulation, we have registered the raw materials paraffin and palm wax used in our production with the relevant authorities in Helsinki, the ECHA.

    Furthermore, we do not use any materials in manufacturing our candles which are listed by the SVHC as hazardous substances, and have also requested a written letter of commitment from our suppliers which means that they also uphold the REACH Regulation not to use any SVHC listed hazardous substances and also must observe the constant updating of this list.